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Honiton Lacemaker & Lace
      Historian Brittany Van Dalen has an excellent article on Historic UK detailing the history of Honiton lace, which originates from Devon, England. However, the anonymous writer on the back of this postcard has also kindly provided us with a succinct little glimpse into the world of English textiles—effectively transforming this ephemeral bit of paper itself into a minor artifact of history.


"This is one of the Honiton lace-makers," they wrote, "of the pretty little village of Beer [in Devon]—which has the distinction of having provided Queen Victoria's wedding gown. This lace making industry was introduced by Dutch refugees." Was this writer from Devon, one wonders, or merely visiting? Were they specifically interested in textiles, or their own English heritage, perhaps? We'll never know.
     The Francis Frith publishing company that produced this postcard still exists! Do you have an old postcard that bears their name—and an five-digit number? Check out the Old Picture Postcard Directory (UK) and try to figure out its date!

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